Key Benefits

  • individual design, your own brand – we’re 100% white label;
  • new sales channel enabling your customers to order food anywhere, anytime;
  • ability to compete and outperform competition on mobiles;
  • increased customer loyalty;
  • ability to deliver your own, unique brand experience;
  • robust, professionally made native apps - much better than mobile sites or HTML5 apps.
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    Off-the-shelf Features

  • complete and up-to-date menu and delivery options;
  • auto-detect or set manually the location and show nearby restaurants;
  • easy to use menu and restaurants navigation;
  • integrated feedback, usage statistics tracking;
  • detailed and colorful meal descriptions;
  • delivery order to restaurant by Email or fax, with optional SMS alerts;
  • customizable menu for each restaurant/location;
  • pay by cash on delivery or pay at the restaurant;
  • various ordering options: order for pick-up, order in the restaurant, order for delivery.

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    Custom Options

  • rate and comment meals and restaurants;
  • integration with your website: same login, preferences, favorites, etc.
  • booking a table at a reastaurant;
  • online payment options: bank cards, e-payments;
  • online orders management; loyalty program integration;
  • share with friends by SMS/MMS/Email or on Facebook, Twitter;
  • push notifications: announcements, promos, special discounts, etc.


    We are ready to provide solution covering all major mobile platforms.



    As soon as the application is started, the location of delivery will be determined automatically or may be changed in “Settings” menu, if necessary. In this case, the list of restaurants is recomposed depending on the services provided in the selected location.



    When the first choice is added into cart, the application will hide menus of other restaurants to ensure the shortest time of food delivery. In other words, one order will include dishes from only one restaurant.



    You may also choose meals by selecting your favorite restaurant from the list of restaurants available in your location. The description of each restaurant advises on the terms of delivery, currently available special offers and working hours. Please, refer to this information before making your order.


    Making Order

    The list of all selected meals is accessible for viewing, editing and final ordering in the cart list. For ordering you need to press “Place an Order” button and fill in the required contact details.

    Data accessible for order editing and acknowledgment:

  • List and number of dishes ordered
  • Cost of delivery, if it is not free, or information about insufficient payment for ordering
  • Total price
  • Empty cart
  • Place an order
  • Feedback
  • delivery


    The delivery service operator will contact you to get the confirmation within several minutes after sending a request. To learn about the delivery status and delivery service opening hours please see contacts in the restaurant description menu.


    Contact us

    The LunchNow support service is happy to answer all your questions about the service functionality and to get your offers and suggestions via the feed-back form of the order description.


    Luxms launched mobile food ordering in Russia for dozens of local restaurants and delivery services, including major brands. The app is promoted on local market in partnership with Nokia, Microsoft and MTS (top Russian carrier). The LunchNow app offers menus in 8 Russian cities. Available on Apple Store, Google Play, Microsoft MarketPlace and Nokia Store.